lAirfreight Service

Airfreight import/export booking and carrying, frozen/freeze cargo delivery, and TWL has over hundred airfreight agency in the worldwide, and provide combined air cargo service.

Our service airport include: Hong Kong and Macao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Inchon, Tokyo, Osaka, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Sydney, Melbourne…etc.

lCustom Service, Inland picking-up, door to door service:

In accordance with cargo attribute, location and so on, TWL cooperate with worldwide agent and provide custom passing, door to door service and all consistent operation, your cargo can be delivered to buyer safely.

TWL team up with trailer, trucking, custom broker, airline and other industries, we provide complete door to door service and deliver your cargo on time and safely that avoid any extra cost.

lTriangle trade

In response to the current diversified and complex trade patterns, TWL possess professional with solid trade knowledge to handle kinds of trade pattern, such as booking and shipping from third side, cargo picking-up, bill of lading issuing and so on.

Being established in 2008, with the continuous effort to develop and improve ourselves, Trans-World Logistics International Co., Ltd have become one of the leading provider of Freight forwarding and Logistics services in Vietnam.

With deep knowledge in the forwarding field, especially in reefer technology helped us to develop very fast and up to now, we have become a brand name in providing reefer shipping service to customers in Vietnam. Morever, we have built up our good prestige and become the long-term choice of customers.

Our motto “CUSTOMERS’ FRIEND”, not only as a partner, we fully understand with the difficulties and needs of customers. Hence, we would like to share the worriness in freight, safety shipping, economical as a reliable friend. Morever, being a freight forwarder in Vietnam, we would like to help customer to do a profitable business and enlarge the trading lane between the Vietnamese imp-exporters and other foreign countries. We ensure ourselves to stand by whenever you need.

1. Seafreight and Airfreight transportation. 2. Special containers handling (reefer, flat rack, over height, open top) 3. Door-to-door service (import/export licesence, inland trucking, customs clearance)

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General Manager:
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Operation Manager:
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Nancy Dai (Ms)    Email: nancy_dai@twlcorp.com.vn